[Buildbot-devel] dependent scheduler not working?

Bruce Walton bruce at itasoftware.com
Fri Feb 1 21:33:39 UTC 2008

I must be doing something wrong here, does anyone have advice?  I have
a very basic setup, just trying to follow the buildbot manual to try
to kick a downstream build using dependant scheduling.

  from buildbot import scheduler

  c['schedulers'] = []

  # schedule trunk build
  qrestrunk = scheduler.AnyBranchScheduler(name="qresTRUNK",
                               branches=["trunk/qres", "trunk/qres-tests"],

  # qres trunk precheckin depends on qrestrunk
  qrestrunkpc = scheduler.Dependent("ItDepends", qrestrunk, ["qresPC"])

The downstream builder (qresPC) never starts upon a successful trunk
build.  Am I misconfiguring something here?  Does anyone have an
example of a dependent scheduler definition which works for you?

thanks in advance               -bruce.

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