[Buildbot-devel] talking to a ShellCommand spawn

Ian Zimmerman itz at sproutsys.com
Tue Dec 16 19:08:44 UTC 2008

I need to get some information from the program being run in a 
ShellCommand, while it is in progress.  Simplifying slightly from the 
full horrifying truth, the information is needed for my modified 
slave.commands.ShellCommand.kill() which cleans up after the program.

Until now I store the information in the file system, but that is ugly
and fragile.  I am looking for a more direct way, communicating with the
slave bot as the information becomes available.  I can modify the 
program as necessary to print messages on stderr, to a socket, or 
anything, but i don't want to rewrite buildbot from scratch :-P

Thanks for any hints,

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