[Buildbot-devel] the right way - vs2003 vsvars32.bat

Terry.Rankine at csiro.au Terry.Rankine at csiro.au
Wed Dec 10 14:32:13 UTC 2008

Hi All

Ahh - thanks. didnt spot the && and & difference (too tired....)

In this case - we are building something we dont control - so files in their repo are not possible. we could store our own build junk in a separate repo - but i cant be bothered!

For now - the call vsvars before the builder (scons in this case)  and it works.



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Subject: Re: [Buildbot-devel] the right way - vs2003 vsvars32.bat

Terry.Rankine-uXK74I8fpZ0 at public.gmane.org wrote:

> Can you do something like this
> vsvars32.bat && mycommand “arg1” “arg2” in buildbot?

This works for me:

"cmd /c call "%VS90COMNTOOLS%\vsvars32.bat" & devenv /?"

Single &, not double, is how you chain stuff in windows.

> I would like to try and make the method contained within the master
> config (and not need customised scripts/bat files/extra files on the slave).

I've always used a special bat file (in the repo), but that's because we
do a lot of prep-stuff (lazy package download, setup & filter local
paths, etc).

The above seems to work in a cmd-window at least. Give it a try and let
us know how it went. :)


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