[Buildbot-devel] Starting slaves on demand?

john gale john at smadness.com
Mon Dec 8 19:26:07 UTC 2008

On Dec 7, 2008, at 4:29 AM, Axel Hecht wrote:

> I don't think that this is within the design of buildbot. The  
> infrastructure that buildbot uses to dispatch work onto a slave is  
> that the buildbot slave is running there.
> Anything else seems to be out of scope.

Yet there's obviously a flag somewhere that says a registered slave is  
online.  It seems simple to me (in my limited knowledge of the  
buildbot structure) that this flag could be overridden essentially to  
be a function that attempts to wake a slave before logging it as a  
build failure (lost slave).  Buildslaves could be created with a flag  
that says "AllowSleepAfterBuild", to allow this function to be used.

	~ john

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