[Buildbot-devel] Svnpoller with externals

GD gd at teamlog.com
Mon Apr 28 08:48:18 UTC 2008


I am trying to migrate a project to buildbot.
The project is on svn and uses externals extensively for code shared by
several releases.

For example, I have the following directory layout:
Code/module1.v1/<source files>
Code/module1.v1.3/<source files>
Code/module2.v1/<source files>
Code/module2.v2/<source files>
Int/release1/<externals to the relevant versions of modules, points to
module1.v1.3 module2.v1>
Int/release2/<externals to the relevant versions of modules, points to
module1.v1.3 module2.v2>

When a module changes, I want to rebuild it for unitary tests, but I also
want to rebuild all the projects version that use it through externals.
Currently, svnpoller does not notify of changes in the directories with
In order to do this, I am trying to write a new svnpoller that parses every
directory for externals (propget svn:externals) then loops for a changes on
every found external.
I was wondering if anyone had already written something similar.


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