[Buildbot-devel] Buildbot problem when using it as a windows service

Marcus Lindblom macke at yar.nu
Thu Apr 24 07:50:18 UTC 2008

Alex T wrote:
> I have buildbot running a python script which essentially opens an .exe 
> with some parameters. when I start buildbot from the windows command 
> prompt... all works fine. I installed buildbot as a service using this 
> wiki: http://ascendwiki.cheme.cmu.edu/BuildBot.
> When my .exe gets triggered now, i get a nullreferance exception. Im 
> pretty sure it has something to do with windows security. I've set 
> everything related to buildbot to run under my account which has 
> administrative privileges and still nothing.
> I was wondering if you had seen this before or had any direction to 
> point me towards.

Actually no. We are running tests with buildbot (on a separate account 
with less priviliges) on windows and it works well. (With OpenGL and 
everything, which doesn't show on the desktop of course, but it works 
behind the scenes.)

This is on XP. Are you using Vista? (Things are more restricted for 
services there, especially when it comes to accessing the user desktop.)

Can you try and debug your program and see where the NullReference is?
(add a delay at start, wait for buildbot to compile & run it, attach to 
it with the VS debugger and break on the expection)

If that fails, you might have to resort to having a logged-in user and 
running buildbot from a registry entry in 


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