[Buildbot-devel] BuildBot tray icon application

Marcus Lindblom macke.no_spam_plase at yar.nu
Mon Apr 14 08:34:39 UTC 2008


BuildBot rules! So, I hacked together a small java app that sits in the 
system tray polling a buildbot page each minute and notifying the user 
is the status changes (from fail to success).

It ought to work in any OS that supports java and a system tray (tested 
with Windows only)

http://yar.nu/macke/BuildBotIcon.jar (contains source, so you can check 
it and see what I've done).

Sorry that it's not python, but I don't know the python API that well, 
yet. :)

Hope it'll be useful for someone. :)


P.S. I couldn't find a 'contrib' page on the wiki, otherwise I'd put 
this there.

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