[Buildbot-devel] Get nothing doing WithProperties("%s", "revision") from a previously source.SVN(mode=export) step

J. Félix Ontañón fontanon at emergya.es
Wed Apr 9 07:15:40 UTC 2008

El Tue, 8 Apr 2008 12:37:13 -0400
"Dustin J. Mitchell" <dustin at zmanda.com> escribió:

> On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 12:07 PM, J. Félix Ontañón
> <fontanon at emergya.es> wrote:
> >  Yes, it work with any of the other modes, but i really need to
> > export it to remove the .svn directories.
> This looks like a bug, actually -- the slave runs 'svnversion' in the
> new build directory, but since there are no .svn directories, it
> doesn't get a revision.
> I'm not sure how this could be fixed.
> One thing you could do is use the 'checkout' mode, and then manually
> remove the .svn directories.
> Dustin

Ok, thanks Dustin. That's just what im doing now, remove .svn manually.

It could be great if the "mode=export source.SVN" step set a property
with svn revision or something like.

Would I submit a request ticket on Buildbot Trac?

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