[Buildbot-devel] To FileUpload a build-time generated filename

J. Félix Ontañón fontanon at emergya.es
Mon Apr 7 16:35:06 UTC 2008

Hi all,

How can i upload a file whose filename it's generated at build time?

I'm trying to apply buildbot to the building of a debian package.

So, the last step must upload the .deb .dsc and .tar.gz files, generated
after launch "debuild -uc -us" step

Those filenames are generated by "debuild" command by seeking
specific fields of debian/control and debian/changelog files.

I'll try to explain it with a simplified example:

f = factory.BuildFactory()
f.addStep(source.svn(svnurl="file:///var/svn/myapp/, mode="export"))
appfactory.addStep(FileUpload, workdir=".", slavesrc=MY_DEB_FILE,
masterdest="/tmp", mode=0644)
appfactory.addStep(FileUpload, workdir=".", slavesrc=MY_DSC_FILE,
masterdest="/tmp", mode=0644)
appfactory.addStep(FileUpload, workdir=".", slavesrc=MY_TARGZ_FILE,
masterdest="/tmp", mode=0644)

As you can see, the slavesrc param it's unknown until the debuild step

It's there any way to get those filenames to pass them to FileUpload?
Maybe can I Subclass FileUpload to seek for the filename in the
slave workdir?


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