[Buildbot-devel] buildbot and p4

Axel Hecht l10n.moz at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 27 08:58:22 UTC 2007

2007/9/27, Carlos Manuel Duclos Vergara <carlos at embedded.cl>:
> Hi all,
> I'm testing buildbot and I need to use p4 as a source. I don't want to
> build every time a new change goes to my repository, I just want periodic
> builds. My perforce configuration is as follows:
> from buildbot.steps.source import P4
> source = P4(p4base='//depot/app/', defaultBranch='main',
> p4port='p4-server:866')


p4base is not a keyword argument, so

source = P4('//depot/app/', defaultBranch='main', p4port='p4-server:866')

should work.


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