[Buildbot-devel] problem with buildbot reconfigure, waterfall loses parent Status

benjamin deboute deboute at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 16:50:53 UTC 2007

Hi everyone,

Sorry to bother you all but I stumbled upon a problem that puzzles me

I have a buildmaster (buildbot cvs version) on a linux box, i can
access without any problem its waterfall, and everything works

When i try to reconfigure it with 'buildbot reconfig
/path/buildmaster', the log tells me that everything went fine

2007/09/20 17:47 +0200 [-] configuration update started
2007/09/20 17:47 +0200 [-] (Port 8010 Closed)
2007/09/20 17:47 +0200 [-] Stopping factory <twisted.web.server.Site
instance at 0x40af83ec>
2007/09/20 17:47 +0200 [-] adding IStatusReceiver <WebStatus on port tcp:8010>
2007/09/20 17:47 +0200 [-] twisted.web.server.Site starting on 8010
2007/09/20 17:47 +0200 [-] Starting factory <twisted.web.server.Site
instance at 0x40bdc60c>
2007/09/20 17:47 +0200 [-] WebStatus using (/home/buildbot/public_html)
2007/09/20 17:47 +0200 [-] configuration update complete

but when i then try to access the waterfall, i get this error

          File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/buildbot/status/web/base.py",
line 158, in getStatus
            return request.site.buildbot_service.getStatus()
          File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/buildbot/status/web/baseweb.py",
line 401, in getStatus
            return self.parent.getStatus()
        exceptions.AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute
		parent	None
		buildbot.status.web.baseweb.Waterfall instance @ 0x40aed02c
<WebStatus on port tcp:8010>

But if i insert myself in the Manhole, i get this

>>> a = master.services[-1]
>>> a
<WebStatus on port tcp:8010>
>>> a.__implemented__
<implementedBy buildbot.status.web.baseweb.Waterfall>
>>> a.parent
<buildbot.master.BuildMaster instance at 0x4076574c>
>>> a.getStatus()
<buildbot.status.builder.Status instance at 0x4076582c>
>>> a.site.buildbot_service.parent
<buildbot.master.BuildMaster instance at 0x4076574c>
>>> a.site.buildbot_service.parent.getStatus()
<buildbot.status.builder.Status instance at 0x4076582c>

Anyone got a pointer on this issue ?

I worked quite a lot on buildbot the year before and frequently did
reconfigure my master without any problem. I have watched the diffs
beetween the current cvs and the one before on some files but seen
nothing that could create this

thanks in advance,

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