[Buildbot-devel] Firefox problems

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at zmanda.com
Thu Sep 13 19:14:22 UTC 2007

This promises to be a fun one.

I have a buildmaster instance set up on port 8080 on a specific box.
On that same box, I have an Apache instance set up on port 80, with
the following configuration (among other stuff):

    ServerAlias buildbots.zmanda.com
    ServerAlias buildbots

    RewriteEngine on

    UseCanonicalName off

    RewriteRule ^/amanda$ /amanda/                [R]
    RewriteRule ^/amanda/(.*)$ http://narasimhan.zmanda.com:8080/$1  [P]
    ProxyPassReverse /amanda/ http://narasimhan.zmanda.com:8080/

So I can access the web status display from
http://buildbots.zmanda.com.  (before you get excited, none of these
are publicly available).  Works fine for me with Safari, works fine
for others with IE, but doesn't work with Firefox -- on any platform.
Firefox *does* work accessing http://narasimhan.zmanda.com:8080/

The error condition is very long hangs in downloading pages, and when
they don't time out, the resulting HTML is garbled -- chunks are

This is Python 2.4.3, Apache 2.0.58-r2, Gentoo 2006.1, and a patched
version of Buildbot 0.75.  None of the patches applied to the
down-n-dirty http stuff (the patches have all been posted here and/or
on buildbot.net).

Any thoughts?  Has anyone else seen this?


P.S. The reason we use this is that we run multiple buildmasters on
this machine, and use the proxying to hide them all under one vhost

Storage Software Engineer

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