[Buildbot-devel] Write steps information to database

mati at internea.pl mati at internea.pl
Thu Oct 25 16:18:43 UTC 2007


I'm new with buildbot.

This is great tool for making builds.

I would like to store information about steps during build process in


I wrote some scripts and run them as steps but if any step failed, rest

of information will not be added to database.

How can I change and which classes to add such possibility?

I know that in future in version 0.9.0 it will be possible more or less

that i need. (ticket #24)

>From database I need to know when step was started to count how lond time

does it take and summarize whole build process.

Maybe there are some other options to do that?

Now i'm using version 07.4.

buildmaster on Debian and slaves on Debian, Windows and Solaris.

How about buildbot 0.7.6 on Solaris, is it stable?

Thanks for any help,


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