[Buildbot-devel] buildbot-0.7.6 released

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Tue Oct 2 02:34:19 UTC 2007

On Mon, 1 Oct 2007 22:14:09 -0400
"Charles Lepple" <clepple at gmail.com> wrote:

> Is it necessary to upgrade buildbot masters and slaves to 0.7.6 at the
> same time?

Nope. The only significant slave-side change from 0.7.5 to 0.7.6 was the
addition of bzr support. The minor changes were:

 improve the way we delete old directories before checking out a new one
 some windows compatibility improvements
 tolerate modified SVN files while running svnversion
 minor P4 improvements

If you aren't using bzr then you can probably leave your buildslaves at
0.7.5 without any problems.


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