[Buildbot-devel] buildbot-0.7.6 released

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Mon Oct 1 08:13:42 UTC 2007

I am pleased (and somewhat relieved :-) to finally announce the release of
buildbot-0.7.6, now available for download from the following places:


As always, the release is signed with my GPG key (0x1514A7BD), and the
tarball checksums are as follows:

  fb4e1f19e9c37fc0d9d72fed0dc94e41  buildbot-0.7.6.tar.gz
  8029bfa1139947597a45f8d23eb29554  buildbot-0.7.6.zip
  f1c9693fefa6cc882387126e45cb0bdec8bce88c  buildbot-0.7.6.tar.gz
  540162e0c59a5d59905e6028200a9377d502b0aa  buildbot-0.7.6.zip

The biggest feature in this release is the new WebStatus plugin. This is a
superset of the old (and now deprecated) Waterfall. WebStatus adds a number
of new web pages like OneLinePerBuild, and OneBoxPerBuilder. Most of these
pages, including the waterfall, are configurable by adding URL query
arguments, like ?builder=solaris, or ?branch=trunk . The Builder page now
displays recent builds, there is a new summary page for each buildslave, and
a simple XMLRPC server has been added. Adding new static pages (like
robots.txt) is simple: just drop the file into the new public_html/ directory
that will appear in your buildmaster's basedir. The new WebStatus framework
makes it much easier to add new status pages, so expect to see even more in
the next release: top priority is a Scheduler page to let you accelerate or
cancel builds that are waiting in the queue.

This release introduces the 'upgrade-master' command, which should be run on
any existing buildmasters you have before restarting them with the new code.
This command will add the public_html directory and its files, and will check
your master.cfg for compatibility problems. This should help to reduce the
downtime and surprises as you upgrade your installations to the new code.

Other features include: bzr support, sending email when a buildslave has been
offline for too long, slightly better support for spreading builds among
multiple buildslaves, and a new --diff option to 'buildbot try' which lets
you run try builds against a patch without needing to apply it to a tree
first (useful for testing patches from a bugtracker page, for example). For
full details, take a look at the release notes, attached below.

And of course, this is the first release to be shipped from our new Trac
instance at http://buildbot.net/ . SourceForge still hosts the mailing lists
and file downloads, but new tickets should be filed on buildbot.net .

Many thanks to everybody who contributed code and time to this release, and a
special thanks to my employer AllMyData.com for supporting Buildbot

Have a Hawaiian day,

* Release 0.7.6 (30 Sep 2007)

** Things You Need To Know

*** 'buildbot upgrade-master'

Each time you install a new version of Buildbot, you should run the new
'buildbot upgrade-master' command on each of your pre-existing buildmasters.
This will add files and fix (or at least detect) incompatibilities between
your old config and the new code.

*** new WebStatus page

The Waterfall has been replaced by the more general WebStatus display,
described below. WebStatus serves static files from a new public_html/
directory that lives in the buildmaster's basedir. Files like index.html,
buildbot.css, and robots.txt are served directly from that directory, so any
modifications you wish to make should be made to those files. In particular,
any custom CSS you've written should be copied into public_html/buildbot.css.
The 'upgrade-master' command will populate this directory for you.

The old Waterfall page is deprecated, but it should continue to work for
another few releases. It is now a subclass of WebStatus which just replaces
the default root URL with another copy of the /waterfall resource.

*** Compatiblity: Python-2.3 or newer, Twisted-2.0 or newer

No compatiblity losses here, buildbot-0.7.6 is compatible with the same
versions of python and twisted that 0.7.5 was.

Buildbot is tested on a regular basis (http://buildbot.buildbot.net) against
nearly a full matrix of Python-(2.3,2.4,2.5) * Twisted-(2.0,2.1,2.2,2.4,2.5).

*** New Buildbot Home Page

Buildbot has moved to a new Trac instance at http://buildbot.net/ , and all
new bugs and tickets should be filed there. The old sourceforge bugs at
http://buildbot.sf.net/ will slowly be migrated over. Mailing lists are still
managed at sourceforge, and downloads are still available there.

*** Changed/Deprecated master.cfg Keys and Classes

c['sources'] (plural) has been replaced by c['change_source'] (singular).

c['bots'] has been replaced by c['buildslaves'], and it expects a list of
BuildSlave instances instead of tuples. See below for more details.

The 'freshcvsmail' change source has been deprecated, and will be removed in
the next release.

The html.Waterfall status target has been deprecated, and replaced by
html.WebStatus .

** New Features

*** WebStatus

The new WebStatus display is a superset of the old Waterfall. It contains a
waterfall as a sub-page, but it also contains pages with more compact
representations of recent build status. The "one_line_per_build" page
contains just that, and "one_box_per_builder" shows just the information from
the top of the waterfall page (last-finished-build and current-activity).

The initial page (when you hit the root of the web site) is served from
index.html, and provides links to the Waterfall as well as the other pages.

Most of these pages can be filtered by adding query arguments to the URL.
Adding "?builder=XYZ" will cause the page to only show results for the given
builder. Adding "?builder=XYZ&builder=ABC" will show results for either
builder. "?branch=trunk" will limit the results to builds that involved code
from the trunk.

The /waterfall page has arguments to hide those annoying "buildslave
connected" messages, to start and and at arbitrary times, and to auto-refresh
at a chosen interval (with a hardcoded minimum of 15 seconds). It also has a
"help" page with forms that will help you add all of these nifty filtering

The recommended practice is to modify the index.html file to include links to
the filtered pages that you find most useful.

Note that WebStatus defaults to allowForce=False, meaning that the display
will not offer or accept "Force Build" or "Stop Build" controls. (The old
Waterfall defaults to allowForce=True).

The new WebStatus pages try very hard to use only relative links, making life
better when the Buildbot sits behind an HTTP reverse proxy.

In addition, there is a rudimentary XMLRPC server run by the WebStatus
object. It only has two methods so far, but it will acquire more in the
future. The first customer of this is a project to add a buildbot plugin to

*** BuildFactory.addStep(Step(args))

BuildFactories can be set up either with a complete list of steps, or by
calling the .addStep() method repeatedly. The preferred way to provide a step
is by instantiating it, rather than giving a class/kwargs pair. This gives
the BuildStep class a chance to examine the arguments (and complain about
anything it doesn't like) while the config file is being read and problems
are being logged. For example, the old-style:

 from buildbot.process.factory import BuildFactory, s
 steps = [s(CVS, cvsroot="blah", mode="copy"),
          s(Compile, command=["make", "all"]),
          s(Test, command=["make", "test"]),
 f = BuildFactory(steps)

is now:

 f = BuildFactory()
 f.addStep( CVS(cvsroot="blah", mode="copy") )
 f.addStep( Compile(command=["make", "all"]) )
 f.addStep( Test(command=["make", "test"]) )

Authors of BuildStep subclasses which override __init__ to add new arguments
must register them with self.addFactoryArguments(**newargs) to make sure that
those classes will work with this new style, otherwise the new arguments will
be lost.

Using class/kwargs pairs is deprecated, and will be removed in a future

*** BuildSlave instances, max_builds=, notify_on_missing=

Buildslave specification has changed a lot in this release. The old config:

 c['bots'] = [ ("bot1name", "bot1passwd"),
               ("bot2name", "bot2passwd") ]

is now:

 from buildbot.buildslave import BuildSlave
 c['slaves'] = [ BuildSlave("bot1name", "bot1passwd"),
                 BuildSlave("bot2name", "bot2passwd") ]

This new form gives us the ability to add new controls. The first is
"max_builds=", which imposes a concurrency limit that is like the usual
SlaveLock, but gives the buildmaster the opportunity to find a different
slave to run the build. (the buildslave is chosen before the SlaveLock is
claimed, so pure SlaveLocks don't let you take full advantage of build

The other addition is "notify_on_missing=", which accepts an email address
(or list of addresses), and sends a message when the buildslave has been
disconnected for more than an hour (configurable with missing_timeout=). This
may be useful when you expect that the buildslave hosts should be available
most of the time, and want to investigate the reasons that it went offline.

** Other Improvements

The IRC bot has been refactored to make it easier to add instant-messaging
status delivery in the future. The IM plugins are not yet written, though.

When multiple buildslaves are available for a given build, one of them will
be picked at random. In previous releases, the first one on the list was
always picked. This helps to add a certain measure of load-balancing. More
improvements will be made in the future.

When the buildslave does a VC checkout step that requires clobbering the
build directory (i.e. in all modes except for 'update'), the buildslave will
first set the permissions on all build files to allow their deletion, before
it attempts to delete them. This should fix some problems in which a build
process left non-user-writable files lying around (frequently a result of
enthusiastic unit tests).

The BuildStep's workdir= argument can now accept a WithProperties()
specification, allowing greater control over the workdir.

Support for the 'Bazaar' version control system (/usr/bin/bzr) has been
added, using the buildbot.steps.source.Bzr class. This is a replacement for
the old 'Arch' (/usr/bin/tla and /usr/bin/baz) systems, which are still
supported by Buildbot with the source.Arch and source.Bazaar classes,
respectively. Unfortunately the old baz system claimed the 'Bazaar' classname
early, so the new system must use source.Bzr instead of the desired
source.Bazaar . A future release might change this.

A rudimentary Gnome Panel applet is provided in contrib/bb_applet.py, which
provides 'buildbot statusgui' -like colored status boxes inside the panel.
Installing it is a bit tricky, though.

The 'buildbot try' command now accepts a '--diff=foo.patch' argument, to let
you provide a pre-computed patch. This makes it easier to test out patches
that you've looked over for safety, without first applying them to your local
source tree.

A new Mercurial change source was added, hg_buildbot.py, which runs as an
in-process post-commit hook. This gives us access to much more information
about the change, as well as being much faster.

The email-based changesource have been refactored, to make it easier to write
new mail parsers. A parser for the SVN "commit-email.pl" script has been

** Bugs Fixed

Far too many to count. Please see
http://buildbot.net/trac/query?status=closed&milestone=0.7.6 for a partial
list of tickets closed for this release, and the ChangeLog for a complete
list of all changes since 0.7.5 .

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