[Buildbot-devel] [Buildbot] #115: WithProperties should be supported in most (all?) BuildStep arguments

Greg Ward gerg.ward+buildbot at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 21:29:52 UTC 2007

Hey, as long as we're slinging patches around, here's one to make
WithProperties easier to use internally.  That in turn makes it
possible to use WithProperties in more places in master.cfg.

On Nov 28, 2007 4:26 PM, Buildbot <trac at buildbot.net> wrote:
> #115: WithProperties should be supported in most (all?) BuildStep arguments
>  The basic idea, as I said in my previous comment, is to factor out a
>  function render() that takes any object (string, WithProperties, whatever)
>  and returns a string.  (Actually, it also has to take a Build, so the
>  WithProperties has something to get properties from.)  Patches 0001 ..
>  0004 implement this refactoring.

What I forgot to mention is that there might be a better way to do
this: specifically, perhaps render() should be a method of Build,
rather than a standalone method.  I decided to throw together a patch
series anyways and see what people think.  If you care about
WithProperties, please take a look at the patch series I attached to
ticket #115 (http://buildbot.net/trac/ticket/115) and let me know what
you think.  I'm quite happy to revise it again if render()-as-method
makes more sense than render()-as-function.

(And then of course there's doc and test patches!)


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