[Buildbot-devel] Possible patches

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Thu Nov 22 17:49:47 UTC 2007

> It would seem that the demand exists, so I will send up my patches.
> What is the preferred method for doing this?

Please file a ticket in our Trac at buildbot.net, and include the patch as an
attachment to the ticket.

> Also my work is against 0.7.5 from Ubuntu.  Would patches against that
> be accepted, or do I need to patch against 0.7.6 or HEAD?

It'll be a lot less merge work for me if you grab a copy of HEAD from darcs
or CVS (pointers are on the Development section of the wiki at buildbot.net).
There was some significant refactoring of the IRC bot specifically to make it
easier to write IM status plugins, so you'll want to base the patch off the
latest code.


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