[Buildbot-devel] sharing buildsteps

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Wed Nov 21 21:45:57 UTC 2007

> Yes, I can see how this works (and in fact that is how I have done it
> myself). However, I wonder whether it wouldn't be possible to cover the
> same functionality with a more declarative syntax (given that we are
> talking about a configuration file).
> Brian, I know you had plans to implement a 'clone' method for steps.
> As the BuildFactories already are sharable, I wonder what's missing to
> make individual steps sharable, too. It's just a different granularity...

Hmm, the following code would take a BuildStep and give you a new copy:

 f,args = oldstep.getStepFactory
 newstep = f(**args)

But since the original steps are just being used as templates to create new
ones, if you don't need to modify the steps (just re-use them), you should be
able to do the following safely:

 checkout = Darcs(repo, stuff)
 test = ShellCommand(stuff)
 package = ShellCommand(otherstuff)

 f1 = BuildFactory()
 f2 = BuildFactory()

Is that the kind of functionality you're talking about?


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