[Buildbot-devel] Redirect buildstep output to a file.

Sergey A. Lipnevich sergey at optimaltec.com
Wed Nov 21 03:24:25 UTC 2007

Schmiedlin, Joshua wrote:
> One of the nightly build steps I would like to run is a tool called
> statSVN.  This takes a svn log file as one of its input parameters.  I
> currently have a batch file that does this for me, but I would like to
> convert that batch file into buildbot build steps.
> Note: This is running on a windowsxp machine and it won't be migrated to
> unix or linux.
> The steps from the batch file are as follows:
> 1 - Update buildslave's working copy of svn
> 2 - svn log > svnlog.log
> 3 - statSVN -outputdir c:\blah svnlog.log   <--- where svnlog.log is its
> input.
> My problem is with step two.  I have been unsuccessful at getting the
> buildslave to actually run the second step.  If I split the command into
> a list then it doesn't like the '>'.  If I run it as a string then I get
> the following in my log file.


I've done stuff like "echo blah >>file" on Windows XP in a buildstep
without issues, using a command like ['echo', 'blah', '>>file']. What
kind of problem are you having with a command like this?


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