[Buildbot-devel] One more pointer on SuccessStories, that of an actual configuration

Sergey A. Lipnevich sergey at optimaltec.com
Sun Nov 18 19:45:54 UTC 2007

Sergey A. Lipnevich wrote:
> Hi All,
> Would anyone be opposed if I add one more "icon-style" column (right
> after home page) to SuccessStories page, to link to the corresponding
> project's Buildbot configuration files. For example, Shaun McDonald
> recently mentioned a link to OpenOffice.org's configuration files in
> this list, and it was very educational to me to go through that code.
> I'd like to add as many links like that to SuccessStories page, and
> encourage new entry submitters to add theirs, to make more working
> examples available to anyone setting up a new Buildbot system.

I've just looked inside and it's a macro-based table, not really a wiki.
Any chance this macro is extended for my suggestion above?


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