[Buildbot-devel] Where did my stdout go?

Sergey A. Lipnevich sergey at optimaltec.com
Mon Nov 5 01:41:47 UTC 2007

Greg Ward wrote:
> This has been replaced by:
>   factory.addStep(ShellCommand(command=["build-all-apps.py"]))
> where build-all-apps.py boils down to
>   for app in ["app1", "app2", "app3"]:
>     subprocess.call(["build", app])

Can you explicitly make the child inherit parent's streams?

from sys import stdout, stderr
from subprocess import Popen
Popen(['ls'], shell=True, stdout=stdout, stderr=stderr)

As a workaround, you can also do stdout=PIPE and stderr=PIPE and then
print out the contents of Popen's stdout and stderr stream properties.


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