[Buildbot-devel] More BuildStep configuration

Benoit Sigoure tsuna at lrde.epita.fr
Sat May 26 10:13:02 UTC 2007

Quoting Aaron_Hsieh at PlayStation.Sony.Com:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering if there was a way to run more than 1 process under a
> single BuildStep instance without having to resort to writing external
> scripts.  There are certain tests that my projects have to run a lot of
> which require certain commands to be run before the actual test is called.
>  I would use each command in their own separate step, but I don't want to
> clutter up my Waterfall too much.  Are there any suggestions on how to do
> this?  I even tried creating my own class to overload the ShellCommand
> class to no avail.

a ShellCommand can either be a list of strings or a simple string.  If  
you use a simple string, then you can put any shell command or script  
in this string.

Thus you can do:
myfactory.addStep(step.Configure, command='cmd1 && cmd2 && cmd3')
myfactory.addStep(step.Configure, command='''\
./configure -C %s
echo "config.log:"; cat config.log
(exit $rv)''' % (configure_args))

I often do this too:
myfactory.addStep(step.Configure, command='''set -ex

This way you clearly see what's going on in the logs (thanks to set  
-x) and if any command fails, the step fails (thanks to set -e).

I hope this helps.


Benoit Sigoure aka Tsuna
EPITA Research and Development Laboratory

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