[Buildbot-devel] changing the request build form

Daren Grant d.grant at psenterprise.com
Wed May 23 15:35:35 UTC 2007

Leibowitz, Michael <> wrote on 23 May 2007 15:35:

> In our project, openoffice.org, we use the buildbot partly to allow
> developers to create binary packages for platforms that they don't
> ordinarily have access to.  However, our binary packages are very
> large and some of our buildslaves are behind connections with slow
> uplinks. 
> We would like to have a check-box on the build request form to request
> the binary packages be uploaded.  It would seem that the way to do
> this would be to override the body method in StatusResourceBuilder. 
> However, subclassing this is not really helpful because it is used by
> other classes in html.  Do I need to subclass everything?  Surely
> there is some easier way that I am missing?
> Thanks


Paul Gain submitted a patch to this mailing list on 15/11/2006 against
the then current buildbot repository that I have used which would allow
a custom properties section to be specified in the master.cfg file to
accomplish such a task.

These custom properties would then be displayed in the FORCE BUILD page
for each builder and would pass through the values to all builders as
properties permitting you to use calls such as
'self.getProperty('check_box')' in a custom buildstep to get the value.

Hope this helps.


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