[Buildbot-devel] name=?

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Mon May 14 05:13:12 UTC 2007

"Charles Lepple" <clepple at gmail.com> writes:

> You should be able to see this "name" in the list of steps when you
> click on the link for a specific build number (by default, in a yellow
> box that says "Build #").

Yeah, 'name' here is more for internal use. It shows up in the filesystem
(when the logfiles for that step are saved), and in some of the URLs that are
created in the waterfall. Step names are also used to relate ETA information
from one build to the next: the amount of text output and total seconds
required for the Compile step are stashed in a dictionary under the 'compile'
key, and retrieved by that name when calculating the ETA during a later

Also note that the Build will uniqueify[1] step names as necessary, by
appending a -1 or a -2, etc.


[1]: ok, that probably isn't a real word

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