[Buildbot-devel] combining quick builds and nightly full builds

Miles Waller miles at jamkit.com
Tue May 8 12:44:58 UTC 2007


I have installed and set up the buildbot and it is all working 
brilliantly for my projects.  It was pretty simple to do, which I was 
particularly pleased about!

I have it set up to run a nightly build+test of a project here.  I have 
also set it up with SVNPoller to check our repository for new commits to 
the projects, and kick a build off accordingly.  Both processes are 
working fine.  I have set up a number of builders to test the code in a 
variety of different environments (basically different client websites).

I would like to configure it so that a commit kicks off a quick build 
(svn update) rather than a full (rm then svn co) as suggested in the 
manual, in order to make builds happen a bit quicker.  At the moment, I 
have created a separate builder specifically for quick builds.  Is it 
possible to avoid the need for two separate builders, and have buildbot 
"know" based on what kicks the build off, whether to update or clobber, 
or is my current setup the way everyone else does it?  I couldn't find 
anything in the manual or google, but I did notice that the first time I 
ran a quick build, it deleted any existing folders and did a checkout, 
but subsequent forced builds then did an update, and wondered if it were 
doing something clever (I couldn't tell from the source).



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