[Buildbot-devel] Waterfall Reload Issue in Firefox

Oz oz at santacruzgames.com
Thu Mar 29 00:03:13 UTC 2007

Charles Lepple wrote:
> On 3/28/07, Oz <oz at santacruzgames.com> wrote:
>> >> Here's a minor issue with the Waterfall that is quite annoying. If you
>> >> fetch one project's waterfall (say for buildbot master instance A) and
>> >> then fetch another project's waterfall (say for buildbot master 
>> instance
>> >> B), then A's waterfall will continue to render (with B's URL in the
>> >> address bar) until you reload B a second time.
> Wait... how do the URLs differ? Are they actually served off of the
> same port? How are the buildbot masters related? Are they two separate
> instances (as your example hints), or are they just two different
> waterfalls pointing at the same buildbot master?
> (I haven't actually set up two buildbot masters on the same machine,
> but it's something I'd like to do for a second project.)

Per your last email, twistd (the Twisted daemon) 2.1.0

The URLs are:
  - http://myserver/build/projectA/
  - http://myserver/build/projectB/

They are mapped to unique ports via Apache's httpd.conf:

ProxyPass /build/projectA/ http://myserver:7010/
ProxyPassReverse /build/projectA/ http://myserver:7010/

ProxyPass /build/projectB/ http://myserver:7011/
ProxyPassReverse /build/projectB/ http://myserver:7011/

And two instances of the buildbot daemon are running in the background 
as two independent masters. I do share a bunch of code between their 
config though via a "common" module.


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