[Buildbot-devel] Force Clobber

Daren Grant d.grant at psenterprise.com
Mon Mar 12 11:41:34 UTC 2007

    > Subject: [Buildbot-devel] Force Clobber
    > Hey list,
    > I'd like to set up a system where I could force a clobber on our
    > builds. It would just be an extra buildstep with either a "make
    > clean" or an "rm -f" in a ShellCommand.
    > Does anyone have any recommendations on how to force a particular
    > buildstep to be fired on-demand?
    > thanks!
    > --
    >    Rob Campbell


I had a similar issue which I solved by creating a custom build step
which would only execute its script if a buildbot property was set.  
To set the property I initially modified the buildbot force page, but
then came across a patch last year by Paul Gain titled 'user build
properties' which allows you to add in any number of checkboxes, radio
buttons, text fields to the Force Page configurable by the master.cfg.



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