[Buildbot-devel] loose SlaveLocks

Rob Campbell rcampbell at mozilla.com
Sat Mar 10 21:50:30 UTC 2007

Hi List,

I'm using a SlaveLock in the simplest configuration I can imagine.  
I've created one lock, with the default maxCount (1). I have two  
builders on a single slave that are sharing this lock. So far so good.

I'm seeing builds get blocked, as-expected, except for the last step.  
The build on the second slave appears to run during the execution of  
the last step on the first.

Is this a bug? Expected?

Here's the snippet from my master.cfg...

single = locks.SlaveLock("single", maxCount=1)

firefox_branch_winxp_perf_builder = {
     'name': "branch_builder",
     'slavenames': ['cyclonus'],
     'builddir': "branch18",
     'factory': firefox_branch_winxp_factory,
     'locks': [single],
     'category': "Firefox BRANCH_1_8"

firefox_trunk_winxp_perf_builder = {
     'name': "head_builder",
     'slavenames': ['cyclonus'],
     'builddir': "trunk19",
     'factory': firefox_trunk_winxp_perf_steps,
     'locks': [single],
     'category': "Firefox Trunk"

   Rob Campbell
     - mailto:rcampbell at mozilla.com - irc:robcee on mozilla.org -  
aim:rob.campbell at mac.com
     - blog: http://antennasoft.net/robcee

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