[Buildbot-devel] build log files

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Tue Mar 6 01:35:05 UTC 2007

"Bailey, Darragh" <dbailey at hp.com> writes:

> My thoughts were that it should be possible to compress the file when
> finished writing to it, using the standard suffix of gz to indicate it
> is compressed with gzip, then delete the original. 

Ah, yeah, that would probably be pretty easy to implement. Good idea.

> I know that for unix based os's that deleting a file while there are
> still file handles open to it, doesn't create a problem. The file
> handles remain valid, but the file no longer appears on the filesystem.
> The blocks it uses don't get freed up until the last file handle
> accessing it is closed.
> Question is, how portable is that behaviour?

>From what I've seen, windows doesn't handle this very well at all. I'm ok
with that, I think the folks who crazy or desperate (or unfortunate) enough
to run their buildmasters on windows just won't get to take advantage of this
feature. We can put in a sys.platform check or something to enable the
compression. Actually, the way it's currently implemented might allow it to
just work.. I'll have to check the code.


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