[Buildbot-devel] Trac Plugin?

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Mon Mar 5 23:37:07 UTC 2007

Dirk Reiners <dirk at lite3d.com> writes:

> The existing, simple one integrates into the Trac UI, to show the current
> status of the build farm integrated into Trac. I was primarily interested in
> simple things, like being able to access the changesets that triggered a
> build to be linked to the trac changeset etc.

Yeah, the plugin that Eric and I were working on has the timeline "Build"
events link to a trac page that describes that particular build, whereupon we
could have links to Trac changeset pages. The testing we were doing was using
a Darcs-based buildbot, which makes identifying "changesets" a bit more
difficult. He was setting up a SVN-based test buildbot on the last day at
PyCon to make it easier to enhance this page until it could have these
changeset links.


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