[Buildbot-devel] Experiences with v0.7.5 on Windows

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Wed Jan 31 00:23:36 UTC 2007

> The buildbot.bat file installed in the Python scripts directory contains the 
> wrong path to the current Python installation. (The SF bug number is 
> 1109469.)

Does anyone know if there is a way to get setup.py to automatically modify
.bat files? I have no idea what needs to be done on windows.. if anyone gives
me a patch, I'll apply it.

> I'm using Twisted v2.5.0 and it seems to have changed the handling of 
> _twistw.py so that \buildbot\scripts\startup.py breaks as _twistw.py no 
> longer defines run(). It looks like twistd.py now handles Windows so it can 
> be used the same way as on non-Windows platforms.

Hm, I was wondering if/when they'd change that. I've created bug SF#1648333
as a reminder that this part needs updating. I think that we'll need to
either check twisted's version string, or have some sort of try/except block
that sees if twistd.py is sufficient (i.e. twisted-2.5.0), or if we must
import _twistd.py (i.e. twisted-2.4.0 or earlier). If you've got a patch for
this, could you add it to that bug report?


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