[Buildbot-devel] SVNPoller.. putting it together..

Michael March mmarch at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 21:29:56 UTC 2007

I have 'periodic'  builds working great.. now I am trying to add a second
builder that will build my 'trunk' when source code changes.. I have the
poller configured..and its functioning great (as in I can see it 'poll' the
SVN server and detect changes.. but I am not sure what do do next to have it
trigger a build(er).. Here is my simple master.cfg file:

# -*- python -*-
# ex: set syntax=python:
c = BuildmasterConfig = {}

c['bots'] = [("HelloWorldJava", "passwd")]

c['slavePortnum'] = 9990

c['sources'] = []

sp = SVNPoller(svnurl='


periodic = Periodic("every_6_hours", ["HelloWorldJava_trunk"], 6*60*60)
c['schedulers'] = [periodic]

builders = []

from buildbot.process import factory, step
from buildbot.steps.shell import Compile
from buildbot.steps.python_twisted import Trial
from extensions import BuildJava
s = factory.s
c['status'] = []

from buildbot.status import html

from buildbot.status import mail
m = mail.MailNotifier(fromaddr="buildbot at localhost", extraRecipients=["
mmarch at mydomain.com"], sendToInterestedUsers=False)

source = s(step.SVN, mode='update', baseURL='

build_java = s(BuildJava, command="javac HelloWorld.java")

f_trunk = factory.BuildFactory([source, build_java,])
# f_trunk_instant = factory.BuildFactory([source, build_java,])

c['builders'] =

c['projectName'] = "HelloWorldJava"
c['projectURL'] = "http://mywikiexample/mywiki/HellowWorldJava/"
c['buildbotURL'] = "http://mybuildbotmaster.net:8011/"


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