[Buildbot-devel] Windows Slave Hanging

John Pye john.pye at anu.edu.au
Mon Jan 15 03:18:26 UTC 2007

Hi Alan,

I had this 'lost remote' problem on Windows as well. Not sure what was
causing it but eventually I managed to make it go away. Perhaps the
following notes might help you to track down the problem:


Alan Jones wrote:
> The slave is windows 2000, twistd 2.4.0, python 2.4.3. Running as a service.
> 2007/01/09 09:17 Mountain Standard Time [Broker,client] lost remote
> 2007/01/09 09:17 Mountain Standard Time [Broker,client]
> <twisted.internet.tcp.Connector instance at 0x008DA440> will retry in 2
> seconds

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