[Buildbot-devel] buildbot, multiple projects and c++

Mark Pauley mpauley at apple.com
Mon Jan 15 18:58:59 UTC 2007

I totally agree with the feature request.  It would be nice if there  
was a post-build and possibly even a pre-build hooks list, where we  
pass a function or lambda expression.

I suppose this could always just come in the form of some sort of new  
build-step type that allows us to force a builder to build among other  


On Jan 13, 2007, at 1:10 PM, Amanjit Gill wrote:

> Benoit Sigoure wrote:
>> AFAIK BuildBot doesn't support this at this time. I've also tried  
>> this kind of
>> setup but since all my projects have different repositories, it  
>> confuses
>> buildbot when all projects are handled by the same master but  
>> different
>> schedulers (eg, committing in any of the projects ends up  
>> triggering a build
>> for all projects with the same revision, even when dependencies are  
>> set in
>> master.cfg)
>> What I do is that I periodically rebuild all dependent projects.
> Thank you Mr Sigoure for your feedback.
> - Actually I think multiple buildbots will always work without  
> problems
> apart from the inter dependency "issue" (its actually a feature  
> request
> :) ).
> - As a workaround it actually should be quite easy to write some
> project-has-changed-state file after a buildbot suceeded with  
> building a
> project to a central place where every buildbot can read/write it and
> then let a custom Scheduler act according to that state.
> Greetings
> Amanjit
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