[Buildbot-devel] Problems with SVNPoller

Fabio Auslieferator at gmx.net
Tue Jan 9 10:54:50 UTC 2007

Niklaus Giger wrote:
> Fabio wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I am trying to get the SVNPoller of buildbot 0.7.5 to work. In my
>> master.cfg I have added the lines
>> from buildbot.changes.svnpoller import SVNPoller
>> sp = SVNPoller('http://svn.tuebingen.mpg.de/shogun')
>> c['sources'] = [sp]
>> After starting the buildmaster I get an error message in the twistd.log
>> file looking like this:
>> 2007/01/08 12:20 CET [-] SVNPoller polling
>> 2007/01/08 12:20 CET [-] SVNPoller finished polling
>> 2007/01/08 12:20 CET [-] _finished : [Failure instance: Traceback:
>> exceptions.IOError, got stderr
>>         ]
>> 2007/01/08 12:20 CET [-] Unhandled error in Deferred:
>> 2007/01/08 12:20 CET [-] Failure: exceptions.IOError: got stderr
>> It can't be an authentication problem because when I open a shell I can
>> do a "svn log" without any problems.
>> I would be really grateful if anyone had a hint for solving this problem.
> I had similar problems when my repository was offline. 
> I think/guess the command chokes when it receives some byte on the stdout.
> Are you sure that nothing goes to the stderr if you type something like
> $ svn log --xml --verbose --non-interactive --limit=10 \
> http://svn.tuebingen.mpg.de/shogun 1>/tmp/svn.log 2>/tmp/svn.err
> Is after this command svn.err really empty?
> Or can you narrow down the search by adding some log.msg to
> buildbot/changes/svnpoller.py?
> Does it also work if you execute it also under the "buildbot" user
> account/shell?
> Best regards
> ---
> Niklaus Giger
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Hi Niklaus
thanks for the hint. Actually when I am using your command line with 
--limit=10 I get an error message that --limit is not supported by my 
svn version.
Using your command line without the --limit option as the buildbot user 
on a shell works fine i.e. an emtpy svn.err file. After this test I 
commented out the line 314 in svnpoller and add a new line looking like 

#args.extend(["--limit=%d" % (self.histmax), self.svnurl])

The SVNPoller however still doesn't work and comes up with the same 
error message every time he tries to poll.

Unfortunately I do not know so much about twisted matrix stuff. Could 
you give me another hint on how I can get more info out of the script

Fabio De Bona

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