[Buildbot-devel] source change for sf.net hosted CVS

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Tue Jan 9 09:27:29 UTC 2007

"ensonic" <ensonic at hora-obscura.de> writes:

> this might be a FAQ. How do I trigger source changes from a sf.net hosted
> CVS. I can't install 'buildbot' there to do 'buildbot sendchange' from the
> commithook.

For sf.net, I'd suggest using email. There are a couple of ChangeSources
which acquire mail in one way or another, and then parse them to determine
which files were changed (by whom, with which comments, etc). The existing
code knows how to poll a maildir for new messages, but it shouldn't be to
hard to add others. The parsing function depends upon what code is emitting
the mail message.. for sf.net CVS I think you'll want to use syncmail.

The usual approach is to make sure your commithook sends mail to a mailing
list (usually named PROJECT-commits), and then subscribe your buildmaster's
account to this list. Then each time a file is changed, everybody (including
the buildmaster) gets email about it, and the buildmaster turns that email
into a Change object that triggers a new build.

contains some information on these sorts of change sources, but it probably
needs to be expanded a bit.

hope that helps,

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