[Buildbot-devel] Problems with SVNPoller

Fabio Auslieferator at gmx.net
Mon Jan 8 12:34:56 UTC 2007

Hi everyone,
I am trying to get the SVNPoller of buildbot 0.7.5 to work. In my 
master.cfg I have added the lines

from buildbot.changes.svnpoller import SVNPoller
sp = SVNPoller('http://svn.tuebingen.mpg.de/shogun')
c['sources'] = [sp]

After starting the buildmaster I get an error message in the twistd.log 
file looking like this:

2007/01/08 12:20 CET [-] SVNPoller polling
2007/01/08 12:20 CET [-] SVNPoller finished polling
2007/01/08 12:20 CET [-] _finished : [Failure instance: Traceback: 
exceptions.IOError, got stderr
2007/01/08 12:20 CET [-] Unhandled error in Deferred:
2007/01/08 12:20 CET [-] Failure: exceptions.IOError: got stderr

It can't be an authentication problem because when I open a shell I can 
do a "svn log" without any problems.

I would be really grateful if anyone had a hint for solving this problem.


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