[Buildbot-devel] possible to add new VC to master.cfg?

Leibowitz, Michael michael.leibowitz at intel.com
Mon Jan 8 06:51:55 UTC 2007

The project I work with, openoffice.org, uses a specialized version
control system (a layer on top of CVS).  Our VC system is fairly
straightforward.  We have a perl script that grabs the files from the VC
system.  It takes in two arguments, mode (co/up) and tag/branch.

Since it is desirable to have the slaves using the upstream version of
buildbot, it seems that it is desirable to put custom classes in
master.cfg.  However, I am having trouble adding my new subclasses of
Source and SourceBase in master.cfg.  In the respective source.py and
commands.py files, I find that the classes for the VC systems are named
the same (CVS(Source): and CVS(SourceBase):).  Firstly, I don't really
understand what the purpose of these two different sets of classes are.
Secondly, is it important for the two classes to be named the same
thing?  Thirdly, is it even possible to define a new VC system in

Any help appreciated.

Michael Leibowitz
Software Engineer, Channel Platform Solutions Group
Intel Corporation
michael.leibowitz at intel.com
+1 503 264 7621

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