[Buildbot-devel] how to pass /CFG="Release|Win32" command line parameter to a win32 slave ?

fabrice fabrice fcrestois at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Jan 4 01:43:55 UTC 2007

 Hello, the way that is use is to bypass the quote arguments from twisted.
The quoted argument does not work correctly for "release|win32" in case of using the shell
I can use this patched because 
            I use only shell command and twisted for buildbot (2.4.0, 0.7.4)
            I take care of escaped correctly the argument ( in fact uses short name to avoid it)
                        varvs = 'C:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 8/Common7/Tools/vsvars32.bat'
                              if plateform:
                                target = '"%s|%s"'%(configuration,plateform)
                                target = configuration
                              self.command  =  '%s & devenv %s /Build %s'%(win32api.GetShortPathName(varvs),solution,target)
In Twisted/internet/_dumbwin32proc.py
        #cmdline = quoteArguments(args)
        cmdline = " ".join(args)
The documentation is not good in case of windows, where they are no way to bypass the quoteArgument
6.1.3 ShellCommand
The preferred way to specify the command is with a list of argv strings, since this allows for spaces in filenames and avoids doing any fragile shell-escaping. You can also specify the command with a single string, in which case the string is given to '/bin/sh -c COMMAND' for parsing. 
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