[Buildbot-devel] new Trac for Buildbot!

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Fri Feb 16 21:21:48 UTC 2007

I've been slowly setting up a Trac instance for Buildbot over the last few
months, on a brand new server. I finally flipped the switch to have sf.net
point to it as the new Buildbot home page:


There are still some redirects to put in place, but overall the new site
seems to be running well. There are screenshots, an actual wiki so everybody
can contribute master.cfg recipies and collaborate on new features, etc.

To edit any of the wiki pages or submit tickets, you'll need to register an
account (look for the "Register" link in the top-right hand corner). I have
no idea what will happen w.r.t. comment spam and such, I guess we'll just
deal with it when we get to that point.

I haven't yet decided what to do about bug/ticket migration. I think for now
we should just leave all the tickets where they are. Please open new tickets
in only one place, I guess in Trac is preferable (Trac makes it easier to
collect bugs/enhancements/tasks into "milestones") but I don't mind if you
open them on sf.net instead.

Please let me know if you run into any problems. This is my first time
setting up Trac and I might have missed something.


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