[Buildbot-devel] master.cfg management

Robert Helmer robert at roberthelmer.com
Wed Feb 14 23:55:09 UTC 2007


I'm trying to figure out a good way of managing the master.cfg for a master
that may run many different types of projects (different sets of custom
steps, schedulers, and buildslaves). I'd like to have as much of the
configuration be public as possible, pretty much everything with the
exception of buildslave passwords.

I am curious how others are doing this, so please let me know if any of the
below sounds familiar :)

There are two major parts to this:

1) update master.cfg automatically from CVS
2) split master.cfg into separate files

For #1, I have a cronjob that updates the master.cfg from CVS and (if it is
updated) run "buildbot reconfig ."
This seems to work well enough, except that reconfiguration seems to remove
the ability to stop running builds (filed a bug on that one -
http://buildbot.net/trac/ticket/22 - I looked in the sf.net tracker first
and didn't see it there).

For #2, we already have some custom steps split out to a "mozbuild.py", and
load it like this:

import mozbuild
from mozbuild import *

I am thinking of expanding this to be something like:


Then the master.cfg would just be about server configuration, and everything
project-specific could be put into it's own file.

A better long-term solution to this would be something like

Anyone have a similar setup, or ideas on one?

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