[Buildbot-devel] Question on configuration

Cary Fitzhugh cfitzhugh at anystream.com
Mon Aug 27 20:24:02 UTC 2007

Hi guys,


I've got a buildbot setup with linux, windows, and cygwin slaves.  All
of these slaves produce a .tar file which is put into a central server.

So the idea was that after each of these three bots built, they would
upload the tar file to the ftp server, and then another bot, called a
packager would take those tar files and process them.


I've tried a few things to get the packager bot to wait until everything
has failed or succeeded, but I haven't been successful.

I tried to make a dependent Scheduler, but that didn't seem to do

I then tried to assign a MasterLock to each of the three slaves, and
then pass all 3 locks into the packager builder.

Along w/ dependent schedulers,  I thought each of the three slaves would
grab their locks first, then the packager would have to wait until all
the locks were finished.  But it didn't seem to work either.

Packager starts up and 'finishes' before the others are even done


Any ideas on how to accomplish having a builder wait until a set of
builders are completed?


Cary FitzHugh

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