[Buildbot-devel] Bazaar-NG Poller

Russel Winder russel at russel.org.uk
Wed Aug 8 18:27:31 UTC 2007


Thanks for responding.

On Wed, 2007-08-08 at 10:58 -0700, Brian Warner wrote:
> Russel Winder <russel at russel.org.uk> writes:
> > I found the Bazaar-NG poller, bzrpoller.py
> > (http://buildbot.net/trac/attachment/ticket/2/bzrpoller.py).  Is there
> > any chance this might be able to work with Buildbot 0.7.5?
> Not yet. The code in that ticket is a sketch, intended to solicit help from
> the bzr folks. I'm hoping that someone who knows more about bzr than I do
> will be inspired to play with it and fix the bzr-specific aspects of it.

I have forwarded your email to someone who knows bzr inside out -- and
who "knocked together" a bzr plugin for some other system in 20 mins.  I
am hoping he will oblige -- his organization uses Buildbot after all!

> I'll see if I can take a look at the buildbot-specific aspects of it and make
> sure those *would* work if/once the bzr-side got fixed.

That would be great.

Hopefully, it will be in the Buildbot release that gets into Ubuntu
Gutsy Gibbon.

> The exception you posted suggests that I forgot to upcall in __init__, so
> maybe just adding that change would improve matters. I'm sure there are
> deeper problems than that, though.

I tried removing the last two lines of the constructor and that led to
it almost working, but I wimped out and created a Subversion repository
-- it is only a demo for a training course, I just would have preferred
demoing with Bazaar rather than Subversion.
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