[Buildbot-devel] celebrating 10,000 downloads of Buildbot

Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Thu Aug 9 09:52:37 UTC 2007

w00t!  Congrats Brian, it's a great project -- as evidenced by our
heavy use of it in SpamAssassin, which is otherwise a perl shop. ;)

Many thanks!


Brian Warner writes:
> I just checked the sf.net download stats page[1], and sometime yesterday
> morning it logged the ten thousandth download of Buildbot.
> Wow! When I started this project four and a half years ago, I had no idea it
> would ever grow to be this popular. Some more stats: We have 204 members on
> an active, helpful mailing list, with something like 100 messages a month
> (even after we dealt with the spam problem). New users are getting help and
> good answers to their questions even without my involvement. We've got a
> shiny new Trac instance[2], with 51 active tickets (and another 67 on sf.net,
> maybe 10 of which are duplicates). My best guess is that Buildbots are in use
> in at least 200 sites all over the world. I know of Buildbots being used to
> improve software quality in an astonishing variety of fields: computer games,
> astronomical image processing, financial analysis tools, movie rendering,
> embedded systems, web browsers, packet sniffers, databases, desktop widget
> libraries, version control systems, streaming media toolkits, compilers,
> academic administration tools, spam checkers, plate tectonics analysis
> software, and office productivity applications.
> Google reports 428000 hits for the word "buildbot". A google search designed
> to locate public waterfall pages ('buildbot "working for the" project "last
> build"') shows 268 hits.
> Recently there has been a huge burst of amazing patches coming out of the
> community, complete with unit tests and documentation updates. I've started
> the countdown towards the long-overdue 0.7.6 release[3], which should be out
> by the end of the month. It should have new web status pages, better slave
> concurrency support, and maybe even that HTML refresh feature that people
> have been clamoring for. The future is even brighter: IM status delivery,
> better branch support, build status in databases, all sorts of cool stuff.
> There are even vague plans afoot to host a Buildbot User's Group meeting in
> the San Francisco bay area later this summer.. I think we have enough local
> users to make it work. Stay tuned.
> And finally, somebody is even *paying money* (in the form of buying AdSense
> keywords) to encourage people to migrate *away* from buildbot to another
> system. If that's not the definition of success, I don't know what is[4] :-).
> So anyways, I just wanted to thank the hundreds of hackers, developers,
> users, and promoters of Buildbot everywhere who have made this milestone
> possible. Our humble project has grown from a hastily cobbled-together
> presentation at PyCon 2003 to a large and healthy open-source community.
> Today it's 10,000 downloads.. just imagine how soon we'll get to 100,000![5]
> tomorrow, the world!
>  -Brian
> [1]: https://sourceforge.net/project/stats/detail.php?group_id=73177&ugn=buildbot&type=prdownload&mode=alltime&package_id=0
> [2]: http://buildbot.net/
> [3]: http://buildbot.net/trac/milestone/0.7.6
> [4]: mind you, somebody else is paying even more money to entice buildbot
>      users to visit a web site that sells cigar boxes (aka tinderboxes), so
>      maybe this isn't quite the definition of success that one might hope for
> [5]: my non-scientific extrapolation suggests March 2011. Maybe we should
>      start a betting pool..
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