[Buildbot-devel] Problems with buildbot 0.7.5 on WinXP

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Thu Aug 2 06:43:34 UTC 2007

John Pye <john.pye at anu.edu.au> writes:

> I have a wiki page on this topic that you are welcome to use as a place
> for annotations, if you wish:
> http://ascendwiki.cheme.cmu.edu/Buildbot

Could you copy whatever tricks you've been able to come up with into the
buildbot.net wiki? There's a RunningBuildbotOnWindows page there which is
probably the first place other windows users will look for this sort of

Also, if anyone can come up with a patch that allows buildbot to run under
windows on all our currently supported versions of Twisted (2.0.x or later),
I'll gladly apply it. I remember seeing that twistd-vs-twistw patch, but I'm
uncertain if it would introduce a dependency on some more recent version of

I really know nothing about windows, so Buildbot and I are at your mercy in
this area :). Anything you can do to help out would be greatly appreciated.


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