[Buildbot-devel] Sending link to specific failed buildstep

Roy S. Rapoport buildbot-devel at ols.inorganic.org
Mon Oct 16 15:25:28 UTC 2006

On Sun, Oct 15, 2006 at 10:50:45AM -0700, Brian Warner wrote:
> for log in step.getLogs():
>     if log.getName() == "stdio":
>         logurl = status.getURLForThing(log)
>         text += "stdio: %s\n" % logurl
>         break

This worked really well for me.  I took the opportunity to also include the
last 10 lines from each logfile in the email message, which makes my devs
even happier.

Thanks, folks -- both for this particular instance of helpfulness, and
overall for how fantastically supportive this mailing list has been over
the last few weeks as I've gotten up to speed with buildbot.  That, in
combination with how pleasant it is to actually do the modification work,
has made putting buildbot into production here a real joy.


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