[Buildbot-devel] Sending link to specific failed buildstep

Roy S. Rapoport buildbot-devel at ols.inorganic.org
Sat Oct 14 18:44:33 UTC 2006

First of all, the good news -- we put buildbot into production on Thursday.
The overnight builds showed a bunch of problems, but most of them were
related to trying to build products on platforms where they don't work (and
aren't supported), and the fact that while our previous nightly system
staggered builds so we could stagger checkouts, the new system had all our
19 build systems hammer our Subversion server at once with a bunch of
checkouts, and this resulted in some ssh timeouts.  

So yesterday, we redid this by creating 'Nightly' schedulers that were
specific to a build system, and staggering them by a minute (so the first
scheduler started at 0023, the last one started at about 0041).  No ssh
failures, and after cleaning up the incompatible platforms, none of those
issues.  Of the 145 builders that remained, 136 succeeded.  8 failed due to
specific product issues that we'd want to know about.  It's really quite
gorgeous to see our 'dashboard' (we created a custom display -- a grid,
with products on the top and platforms on the side) so green :)

We're now into the 'enhancement' phase, including the CLI tool we'd like to
create to be able to view status, kill builds, and forcefully restart them
(so we can do "restart builds on all platforms for this product," e.g.).
One of the enhancements that has been requested is to have failure emails
include a link specifically for the log for the step that failed, rather
than just a link for the failed build.  Anyone have any suggestion what I
should look at to make this happen?


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