[Buildbot-devel] bonsai "one rev per file" patch

Robert Helmer rhelmer at mozilla.com
Sun Oct 1 05:49:54 UTC 2006

Brian Warner wrote:
>> * parse CVS revisions as str not float ;)
>> * display the revision number next to each file
> I've applied both, but I have to question the second one. The Change.files
> argument is really meant to be a list of filenames: there are other tools
> (Scheduler's fileIsImportant function, several Trial steps, the
> Build.allFiles() method) that will get upset if these files contain comments
> or whatnot.

I was a little worried about that.

> I see the goal.. buildbot uses a timestamp to represent the project-wide
> revision number when you're using CVS (for SVN, of course, it just uses the
> transaction number, which is a lot easier to work with), and that isn't very
> satisfactory. A gigantic list of all files with their revision numbers would
> be more pleasing, but that would be a lot of data to haul around, and it
> wouldn't have the total-ordering semantics that build.revision is expected to
> have. A comment on each file of a Change object might fit this purpose
> better, but I'd like to understand how we want to use it first.
> Any ideas? I'm tempted to remove the revision-number comment, but you know
> better than I do what the bonsai/tinderbox stuff needs.

Hm. Maybe we could have one Change per file instead of per bonsai's idea 
of "changeset" (which is only really useful for humans AFAICT).

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