[Buildbot-devel] Can't get the statuslog to work

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Fri Nov 24 19:10:28 UTC 2006

> I'm using Buildbot 0.7.4 (Twisted 2.4.0, Python 2.3.5) and I can't use the
> statuslog. I've read the command-line help and user manual over and over again
> and I don't see what's wrong. Can you please tell me how to get it to work?
> buildmaster at host ~/buildbot $ buildbot statuslog -m

> master.cfg:c['slavePortnum'] = 9944

The 'statuslog' tool doesn't connect to the slaveport.. it connects to a
buildbot.status.client.PBListener port instead. Have a line like this in your


and then use 'buildbot statuslog -m'

I'll update the manual to make this more clear. There are a number of
things-which-listen-on-ports in buildbot that are supposed to be able to
listen on just any port, but which in fact are currently forced to share the
slaveport (i.e. the PBChangeSource, the debugport), so in a way PBListener's
freedom to choose a port is somewhat surprising.


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