[Buildbot-devel] how to reuse a vc checkout for multiple builders

Koch Uffe-VJD384 Uffe.Koch at motorola.com
Wed Nov 22 06:39:52 UTC 2006

<Copied from Support Request Tracker>

Hi Guys, thanks for a great project, cannot wait to contribute.

I would like to configure a buildbot system where a single checkout copy
of our code on each slave (>50) can be used by a number of builders.

Our project is huge (source > 1Gb) and consequentially a checkout takes
approximately an hour.

We have a number of different incremental system build configurations,
each building in seperate output dirs, and each taking 1-5 hours.

We also have to perform each of these builds in release system mode,
where they are not incremental and takes 4-8 hours.

Unit tests compile and run in 5-10 minuttes, and outputs are in a
seperate output dir.

Then comes hours and hours of FitNesse testing following an upload to an
embedded target platform.

I would like to be able to split these long lasting activities onto
multiple slaves and therefore builders.

Any ideas on how to crack this one? or is the solution a full copy of
all our code for each builder on each slave?

/Uffe Koch

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